Learn more about the story of Rossy's Art & Crafts!

Rossy's Art & Crafts CEO Rosiris Gonzalez

Rossy's Art & Crafts is a family owned American art and crafts company based in Orlando, Florida which specializes in e-commerce and handmade goods for women and children of all ages and founded by Rosiris Gonzalez in August 9, 2016.

Rosiris Gonzalez Founder & CEO

 The idea of becoming an   entrepreneur has always been in the   mind of the founder as well as her   son Adams Hernandez who is   currently the Vice President of   Rossy's Art & Crafts. He started     as the sales representative once the   company was founded and   him being at the time 14 years old, his   mother Rosiris Gonzalez   who is an accountant taught him everything in order to   successfully keep track of the company's financial status. He   quickly started working his way up   based upon his achievements   within the organization and started to understand the structure   of how tolead a business successfully, how to plan, direct,   coordinate, budget management and                   oversee operations activities in the organization, ensuring   development and implementation of efficient operations and   cost-effective systems to meet current and future needs of the   organization.

Fast-forward at the age of 18 Adams Hernandez decided that for him to continue to grow and lead the company to the right path he would have to understand how to efficiently apply Lean and Six Sigma in order to minimize costs and deliver quality results for their customers. He became obsessed with customer service and experience and during this process he decided to become a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, Project Management Professional, Scrum Master and an Agile Leader Certified.

Adams Hernandez Vice President

The company has been growing at a steady pace since it was founded, but has been focusing solely on e-commerce due to bigger projects which will be initiated and managed by the Vice President Adams Hernandez who's also the founder and CEO of Gokapeloo, Inc an E-Learning company which is also a business partner for Rossy's Art & Crafts, LLC.

In the year 2022 the company Rossy's Art & Crafts, LLC have plans on expanding their warehouse in Orlando, Florida where they already operate from and expand their services by providing online courses and new product catalogs.