Rosiris Gonzalez Founder & CEO of Rossy's Art & Crafts

Rosiris Gonzalez Founder & CEO of Rossy's Art & Crafts

I was born on April 12, 1977, in a small town called Anaco of the Anzoátegui State in Venezuela, when I was born, Rosiris was given to me by my mother, although I am mostly known as Rossy, my mother is a great enterprising, humble, hardworking woman who in addition to carrying the organization of the house, was the owner of a small store of everything that could be sold, that's why she named it MultiCosas, there she not only sold the things she made and the materials that were used to make them but also she turned it into a Crafts classroom for ladies and girls.

When I was only 9 years old, I loved working with my mother and when I arrived from school and the first thing I did was change my clothing, eat and go to work with her. Together we made many things, so I grew up loving the crafts, so much so that when I am preparing them I say that I feel the third dimension.

After I grew up and married my husband, crafts then became a hobby, a way to distract me and de-stress me, but not something commercial, but one day I had to emigrate from my beautiful country Venezuela, then it occurred to me to float my ability, a talent that I recognize was given to me by my God, and I wanted to do many things, but I thought about focusing on a single thing.

I decided to design tutus, onesies, and accessories for babies and girls, I started working in the garage of my house every day, designing and inventing, until I managed to have my first merchandise, then I told myself "and now who will buy me?"

I soon learned about Farmer's Market and quickly started to look for Farmer’s Market to attend and I told myself "and how will I identify myself?" So we decided to find a name for my husband and children, and that's when Rossy's Art and Crafts was born.