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Due to the extremely high demand the manufacturing time of the chosen item will be longer than expected, taking approximately 2-5 days for the item to be handmade and 1-3 days to be shipped.

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Registración de Evento

February 12

Registración de Evento
Regular price $40.00

Invita a tus amigas, a pasar una tarde diferente...

Domingo 23 de Abril 2023

Hora: 3:00 a 5:00 pm - Costo $40

Lugar: En Jenisprouts

7362 Futures Drive. Suite 25 Orlando, Florida

"Se artista por 1 día"



1 Maceta con una planta.


2 Copas de vino.

Pinturas y Pinceles.


ElsaPrincess ArielAnnaPrincess BellePrincess Rapunzel

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Handmade Necklaces

Made out of the best quality strings on the market and the highest quality clay you could get to create these awesome peaces of art from scratch. Handmade with love.

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LV Silver Edition
Regular price $16.95

This product is handmade.
Made out of the best quality on the market for your baby to wear.

- Breathable. 
- Lightweight.
- Unique designs.
- The highest quality onesies on the market.

0-3 Months 31g
3-6 Months 33g
6-9 Months 35g
12 Months 42g
24 Months 50g

Handmade with love.
*Headband not included*